Why am I Blogging?

I have… Extreme Muscle Weakness and Fatigue

I’d much rather be initiating a blog that highlights my creative nature, but much due to my increasingly poor health, I must instead utilize my analytical problem-solving skills in attempts to prolong my life.

Well, perhaps it’s not as bad as all of that. After all, I am creating a blog. And I am, in this instance, seeking attention… which may be for my benefit and mine alone. That is, unless others join the fray. And sometimes, when dealing with the frayed, much depends on where my withered ends meet insanity head-on.

In any case, if I can’t help myself, I’d sure as heck like to be able to help someone else.

I have a plethora of knowledge in regards to what my illness is not. But in the interest of my reader(s), it’s likely best that I describe what symptoms I am experiencing on a regular basis, so that we may get further acquainted.


(Oh, how I wish that were the extent of my undoing)

And as some of you may already know, sadness can grow on a person. Perhaps like moss amidst the damp humid climes of Nova Scotia.

So, from where does this sadness originate?

Well, and again, I am extremely f**kin’ ill!

And I can’t do anything or go anywhere or even take care of myself anymore!

And it especially hurts me not to be able to see my son!

Actually, I do see him once per week for a few hours at a time. He’s taller than me now. He’s bigger. He’s faster. And he hates to see his father in such a state.

Okay then, enough of that.

I have a wife, too. She works. She sets out supplies and snacks for me in the morning, and then comes home at night to see if I’m still alive.

Usually I am.

But occasionally I’ve had to summon the good folks at 9-1-1. Lately, I don’t even bother with that route or routine. The doctors tell me there’s nothing they can do for me. Which, I suppose, is better than… there’s nothing left for them to do for me…

So here’s what’s bothering me (besides the fact that I cannot get any type of medical personnel, doctor wannabe’s or suitable metabolic nutritionists interested enough to help me):

Primary Complaint

Weakness/fatigue has been getting incrementally worse day by day past three years  – does not improve with sleep, food or food type – bedridden 24/7 since Feb. 2015 – any increase in heart rate has debilitating exhaustion-related effects

No appetite/never hungry

Tinnitus (non-pulsing high-pitched screeching) – waxes and wanes throughout the day, usually worse afternoon/evening – lately more prominent/severe at times in right ear

Sweating – feel over-heated with occasional profuse sweating that occurs only after 9pm, typically lasting until 11pm – drinking water makes heat sensation worse, increases severity and sweating – do not have fever – do not sweat while sleeping

Parosmia (smell hallucinations 2010 – 2013 and now 2015) – for three years, and only after severe bouts of daily diarrhea, wife’s breath smelled like Campbell’s vegetable soup and bar soap smelled like dead fish – took an antipsychotic to mask the “hallucination” – since I’ve cut back (6/18/15) parosmia is returning, even though I no longer have the daily diarrhea/perceivable intestinal illness – now, wife’s breath smells like bitter chemicals 40% of the time – per blood work my zinc level seems to check out okay –


Constipation (occasional) – (RESOLVED 9/2015) probably caused by diet – rice-based protein “medical” food/not enough fiber

Urology (RESOLVED 7/2015) – ever since constipation issue (2/21/2015) I now have frequent urination (up to 6x per night) twice weekly – not a bladder emptying issue – cut back fluids from 70oz water to 50oz water per day out of necessity and no fluids after 6pm (so I’m not awake all night)

Those are the basics. Those are the symptoms I am experiencing right now. But that’s not how it all began.

NEXT Entry:

The illness began during the summer of 2010, in the form of once-weekly intestinal illness (bloating, diarrhea, intestinal pain)… and was diagnosed as IBS.

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