Who I have seen and What Have They Told Me

Warning in advance!

This entry serves no purpose besides my revealing in intimate detail a comprehensive listing of specialists who have seen me live and in person. This is only “for the record’ and serves no greater purpose.

You have been dually warned. Read on if you must.


First off, in the past five years I’ve seen the following specialists:

  • Two different gastroenterologists
  • An ENT
  • An allergist
  • A neurologist
  • A nutritionist
  • An endocrinologist
  • A cardiologist
  • A urologist
  • A geneticist
  • An oncologist
  • A counselor
  • A psychiatrist
  • And an NAET practitioner

I must admit, that’s a fair sum of doctoring doctors. Perhaps you’ll admit the same.

Now, here’s the same list with added commentary based on what these specialists found or suspected:

Two different gastroenterologists  ~  low vitamin D indicated, upper and lower GI’s normal 2011-12

An ENT  ~  swallowing difficulties caused by being bedridden 2013

An allergist  ~  nothing conclusive 2013

A neurologist  ~  no brain tumors – low lying Cerebellar tonsil indicated – does not seem to be causing pressure/issues 2013

A nutritionist  ~  high homocysteine 2014

An endocrinologist  ~  blood work indicates irritated pancreas 2014

A cardiologist  ~  no issues 2014

An oncologist  ~  no cancer 2014

A counselor  ~  no mental illness 2014

A psychiatrist  ~  no diagnosis of any kind 2014-15

A urologist  ~  bladder emptying fine 2015

A geneticist  ~  blood work indicates no genetic illness 2015

And an NAET practitioner  ~  2015

Also, other results and tests administered:

Blood work 2010 – 2013  ~  no parasites, thyroid issues, STD’s, bacterial infections, blood infections, allergies, testosterone deficiencies, Lyme disease or anemia found

Swallow Test  ~  radioactive food – no blockages or delays indicated 2013

Upper/Lower GI performed  ~  no indications 2012

EMG Nerve Test  ~  no indications 2013

B12  ~  [381] with high homocysteine level 2014

Local MRI determined pancreas and liver not enlarged 2014 + 2015

Chest X-ray 2015

Amino Acid Test indicated 11 of 35 markers show as elevated 2015

Tests I’d like to see performed:

As relates to Parosmia – “If a metabolic disorder is suspected, the patient should be referred for specialized metabolic testing of choline and other liver metabolisms”  (Leopold et al., 1990).

NOTE: I do have extensive blood work results, but those won’t be included here.

Yeah, a boring post… but this information needed to be put out there as a form of groundwork covered and published as a means to eliminate the possibilities that have already been eliminated by professionals doing their best.

Ideally, I’ll create a “fun” posting at some point in time. Life can’t all be doom and gloom.


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