I am a late 40’s formerly healthy male specimen who mostly lives and breathes in and around the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. My main goal first and foremost is to offer insight and information that may lead me or others to recover from extreme muscle weakness, chronic fatigue indications, digestive distress, tinnitus and/or parosmia (smell hallucinations).

Illness Background:

I have been increasingly ill since late 2010, and through copious amounts of research, have managed to resolve some of my health issues on my own. What I have not been able to resolve is the continuing muscle weakness and fatigue, which has lead to my being bed ridden, basically, unable to leave my home or take care of myself. The condition seems to worsen by the day, so I hope to find a diagnosis, as well as a cure, sooner rather than later

Personal Background:

I am married and have a teenage son. Both are kind, loving, perceptive and exceedingly intelligent.


Immediately prior to my illness I was a prolific reader, writer, composer of experimental music, photography enthusiast and Little League baseball coach. My other interests include personality typing, the creative process, meteorology, baseball statistics and more.

Personal Goal:

I want to continue living, and I’d prefer to live a very long time. My time right now is dedicated to solving the problem at hand. I do not have any doctors or specialists willing to work with me. And besides, I am in no condition to travel without use of a stretcher. The problem being, I cannot sit upright for any length of time… and anyway, my wife cannot carry me up the stairs by herself.

So the way it stands right now, and the only way I will get “treated” is if I slip into a coma, have a stroke, or my heart stops beating. And perhaps a confirmed diagnosis of some kind might help.

I am frustrated. I am frustration. And my concerns are my own.

Thanks for reading,



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