Diet, Allergies and Supplements… Oh My!

As food allergies and sensitivities can be a possible cause or contributing cause to chronic illness, I shall provide details regarding my diet history, as well as the foods and supplements that I am currently ingesting. The following may be of little use to you or your people, but I need to set the record straight.

Brief History … Back in the 70’s

“You may not leave the table until you’ve finished drinking that glass of milk.”

The seven-year-old me says, “I don’t want to drink it. It’s yucky!”

“Here, have a few cookies.”

My mother places several cookies in front of me. They’re Nilla Wafers. They’re supposed to be part of the bribe, but I don’t much care for these cookies. I think my dad likes them, but I’m not sure.

“Milk and cookies go together. You can’t have one without the other.”

It’s my mother again.

“I still don’t want to drink it.”

“Why not? It’s good for your bones and teeth.”

Even then, I knew my mother was probably right. But for some reason, milk didn’t work for me. Heck, I ate my breakfast cereal dry. Has anyone else ever done that?

Of course, and more often than not, I wound up with a bloated belly and related digestive symptoms shortly after consuming dairy products. But for some reason, my childhood mind couldn’t complete the cause and effect portion of the equation. Even so, my subliminal adolescent mind held some sway in keeping me away from cow’s milk under many trying circumstances, especially involving ice cream cake.

The 80’s

Then, by the time I was fourteen I had the sudden urge to try pizza. It smelled so good. And everyone else was doing it. But more than that, I hated being singled out when it came to selecting restaurants and ordering from menus. Pizza is a social thing.

So I tried pizza and liked it… every other night of the week. My mother would pick up seven hamburgers with “onions only” from McDonald’s on her way home from work and then I’d eat an entire Tombstone pizza before bedtime.

I also began consuming milk shakes and entire cheese cakes in one sitting. It was almost as if I could eat anything I wanted to without consequences. Of course, I was in the midst of a growth spurt lasting the entirety of 8th grade. I grew nearly ten inches in less than one calendar year. So at an ever increasing 5’ 11 inches tall, I only weighed in at 125lbs.

Anyway, it seems as though the dairy curse had been lifted.

The Turn of the Nineties

Seven years pass. I’m about to celebrate my 21st birthday. But things aren’t going well for my intestines. Being a part-time college student, part-time deliverer of Chinese food and part-time musician keeps me busy. My primary diet staples are pizza and beer. I wisely suspect my diet is a contributor to my digestive difficulties, which includes being doubled-over in pain.

I stop drinking beer, and my condition does not improve.

I start drinking beer and stop eating pizza, and my condition does not improve.

I stop eating both pizza and beer and my digestive distress ceases to be an issue…

Back to the Present

I’ve been dairy-free since 1991, and gluten-free since 2001. I was never proven to be allergic to either, but my intestines have been thanking me ever since I quit each. Three years ago I took the official/unofficial (I’m not sure which) Scratch Allergy Test at a local facility. Based on the results, they explained to me that I have no sensitivities or allergies worth mentioning.

So where does this leave us?

Well, I’m sensitive to honey. It makes me feel kind of “off.”

And for some strange reason, I’m highly sensitive to Sodium Bicarbonate. In large amounts it causes unwell feeling/paranoia and occasional panic attacks).

Drinking Nestle bottled water and eating certain gluten-free foods has been the primary cause for this type of reaction (but only if I drink a 24-pack over the course of a week’s time or eat the offending gluten-free product for successive days on end).

Bizarre, right?

I have a few theories. So it’s possible that valuable insight may be coming your way soon!

Daily Diet/Food

Cantaloupe –                1 serving = 40 calories

Apple –                       1/2 of an apple daily = 25 calories

Prunes –                       3 or 4 prunes per day = 25 calories

ALT Larabar –             1 per day – protein (10grams) = 240 calories

Larabar –                     3 per day – protein (7grams ea.) = 220 calories each x3 = 660 calories

Turkey sausage –         4oz –

w/Shrimp –                   4oz –

w/Okra –                      3oz = 400 calories total for stew

Hamburger –                 2 or 3oz = 100 calories (every other day)

Baked potato chips –   1oz = 120 calories

Between 1600 to 2000 calories total per day

I try to eat the exact same thing at the exact same times each and every day of the week… to help make any potential diagnosis less complicated much due to fewer variables.

I also drink between 50 and 70 ounces of Arrowhead bottled water daily.


Metagenics GI Sustain – 90 grams (1.5 servings) per day – total 45 grams of protein plus multi-vitamins – 330 calories per day*

VSL #3 Probiotics – 2 capsules per day

Seroquel 25mg (lowest dosage) – prescribed for parosmia, also helps with sleep duration (not sure on quality) – Note: cut down to 12.5mg on 6/18/15

B12 (Methyl-Cobalamin) – 500mcg per day

Vitamin D – 1000IU per day


*prescribed by former nutritionist



Magnesium, Zinc and Calcium



D-Ribose – provided some energy but caused gastrointestinal distress lasting 7 days

L-Alanine – 300mg caused twitching and spasms above right ear near temple

L-Tyrosine – tried small dose but quit after receiving Amino Acid Analysis results

L-Methylfolate – 100mcg (focusing on B12 right now instead … )

Metagenics UltraClear Renew – 15grams – makes for odd sensations

There are myriad reasons why I am taking what I am taking, and eating what I am eating. In fact, I plan on addressing each of these as this blog progresses.

Please keep in mind that I am very ill. DO NOT follow my diet from home!